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    | Registered teams | List of previous years

    • When: August 12th – 13th 2017
    • Fees: 100 EUR team fee and 10 EUR players fee
    • Registration: by email at p7@p7.cz no later than 21st June 2017
    • Teams: 12 teams
    • Division: mixed
    • Contacts: Aleš: +420723276146; Prague 7 team mail: p7@p7.cz

    Dear frisbee friends, pals, mates or buddies, supporters, followers, and
    fellow party animals!

    We would like to invite you to the ultimate birthday party of 2017:
    The 18th anniversary of our legendary ultimate frisbee tournament, Whose
    (Yes, our fast-growing prodigy kid is turning 18 this summer!)

    You can look forward to
    – 2 days of ultimate frisbee on lush grass fields
    – refreshing breakfast on both days
    – decadent feast on Saturday evening
    – spectacular beer race
    – opulent birthday P.A.R.T.Y.

    When: 12-13 August 2017
    Where: map
    Telovychovna, Prague – Reporyje, Czech Republic

    Division / gender mix: Mixed / 4+3
    Fees: 100 EUR per team (“boozefee”) + 10 EUR per player (“personalized
    Accommodation: There’s a nice area for tents right next to the fields;
    there’s also a hostel about 10 minutes’ walk from the fields (feel free to
    contact us for help with reservation)

    Claim a spot for your team today!
    Applications: by e-mail to {mailto:p7@p7.cz} p7@p7.cz
    Please include: a valid post/mail address
    Deadline: 19 June 2017

    Further information:
    E-mail: {mailto:p7@p7.cz} p7@p7.cz
    Phone: +420 723 276 146 (Ales)
    Web: http://www.p7.cz/

    In the name of Prague 7 and our soon-to-be adult Whose Baby,